Inria-Illinois-ANL-BSC-JSC-Riken/AICS Joint Laboratory on Extreme Scale Computing

In June 2014, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Inria, the French national computer science institute, Argonne National Laboratory, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Jülich Supercomputing Centre and the Riken Advanced Institute for Computational Science formed the Joint Laboratory for Extreme Scale Computing, a follow-up of the Inria-Illinois Joint Laboratory for Petascale Computing.

Research areas include:

  • Scientific applications (big compute and big data) that are the drivers of the research in the other topics of the joint-laboratory.
  • Modeling and optimizing numerical libraries, which are at the heart of many scientific applications.
  • Novel programming models and runtime systems, which allow scientific applications to be updated or reimagined to take full advantage of extreme-scale supercomputers.
  • Resilience and Fault-tolerance research, which reduces the negative impact when processors, disk drives, or memory fail in supercomputers that have tens or hundreds of thousands of those components.
  • I/O and visualization, which are important part of parallel execution for numerical silulations and data analytics.
  • HPC Clouds, that may execute a portion of the HPC workload in the near future.

More on the lab website

Start Date: 2014

End date: 2022 years (extended for 4 years in 2019)

Avalon Members: T. Gautier, L. Lefevre, C. Perez