Yves Caniou
Assitant Professor
Research interests: Scheduling, Resiliency, Data Management.
Eddy Caron
Associate Professor
Research interests: Distributed Systems, Middleware, Cloud Computing, Scheduling, Data Management, Workflow Management, ...
Thierry Gautier
INRIA Researcher
Research interests: HPC, Runtime for HPC, Parallel algorithms, Parallel programming, OpenMP, Multicore
Web SiteOpenMP@Inria
Jean-Patrick Gelas
Research interests: Energy aware system in the Grid/Cloud Computing context, Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN), Embedded Linux system, Logistical Networks.
Olivier Gluck
Associate Professor University Claude Bernard - LYON 1
Research interests: Distributed Systems, Energy Efficiency, Green IT, HPC
Laurent Lefevre
Inria Researcher
Research interests: Energy Efficiency, Green IT, Middleware and services, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Networks -
Christian Pérez
INRIA Senior Researcher. Avalon team leader
Research interests: Components, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems
Frédéric Suter
CNRS Junior Researcher (CR1)
Research interests: Simulations, HPC, scheduling, and research on production grids.
Alain Tchana
Professor (ENS de Lyon)

Systems (Operating System, Virtualization, Networking)