Past Software


The BitDew framework is a programmable environment for management and distribution of data for Grid, Desktop Grid and Cloud Systems.

BitDew is a subsystem which can be easily integrated into large scale computational systems (XtremWeb, BOINC, Hadoop, Condor, Glite, Unicore etc.). Our approach is to break the “data wall” by providing in a single package the key P2P technologies (DHT, BitTorrent) and high-level programming interfaces. We first target Desktop Grid with petascale data system: up to 1K files/nodes, with size up to 1GB and distributed to 10K to 100K nodes. The BitDew framework will enable the support for data-intense parameter sweep applications, long-running applications which requires distributed checkpoint services, workflow applications and maybe in the future soft-realtime and stream processing applications.

See more on BitDew website.


Quality Of Service for Best Effort Distributed Computing Infrastructures with Cloud resources

SpeQuloS provides Quality Of Service (QoS) to Desktop Grids or other “best effort” Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI) by supplying resources from Cloud computing.

Desktop Grids (DG) are DCIs made of regular computers, and consequently, are much less reliable than other Grids. For example, in volunteer computing projects such SETI@home, participants may leave the infrastructure at any moment. It is therefore impossible to provide QoS features to DG users, such as jobs completion time prediction. SpeQuloS aims to solve this situation by dynamically provision resources from Cloud computing to support DGs operation. SpeQuloS can instantiate “Cloudworkers” from various Cloud systems to participate to DG computation. SpeQuloS also monitors DG activity and provides QoS information to users.

SpeQuloS development takes place in the European Desktop Grid Infrastructure (EDGI) project.

See more on SpeQuloS website.