Laboratory of Excellence on Physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging, and Simulation

The program Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) aims to endow with significant means a set of research units in order to attract world-renowned researchers and to establish a high-level and integrated politic of research, training and valorization. The ambition of this program is to develop scientific originality, to favor multidisciplinary, to increase the excellence and the international visibility of the French research and to play a driving role into the training of both doctorate and master levels.

PRIMES’s (Physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging, and Simulation) primary objective is to develop new concepts and methods for the exploration, the diagnosis and the therapy of cancer and ageing-related pathologies. PRIMES brings together the complementary skills of 16 recognized academic and medical partners with a long-standing experience to develop state-of-the-art methods, covering all necessary fields, from basic physics, instrumentation, radiobiology, data acquisition and processing, to image reconstruction, simulations and modeling supported by supercomputing.

Duration: 2012-2019

More information on the PRIME website.