Exa-SofT : HPC software and tools

A NumPEx PEPR project

Though significant efforts have been devoted to the implementation and optimization of several crucial parts of a typical HPC software stack, most HPC experts agree that exascale supercomputers will raise new challenges, mostly because the trend in exascale compute-node hardware is toward heterogeneity and scalability: Compute nodes of future systems will have a combination of regular CPUs and accelerators (typically GPUs), along with a diversity of GPU architectures.

Meeting the needs of complex parallel applications and the requirements of exascale architectures raises numerous challenges which are still left unaddressed.
As a result, several parts of the software stack must evolve to better support these architectures. More importantly, the links between these parts must be strengthened to form a coherent, tightly integrated software suite.

Our project aims at consolidating the exascale software ecosystem by providing a coherent, exascale-ready software stack featuring breakthrough research advances enabled by multidisciplinary collaborations between researchers.

The main scientific challenges we intend to address are:

  • productivity,
  • performance portability,
  • heterogeneity,
  • scalability and resilience,
  • performance and energy efficiency.

AVALON is coordinating the WP1 and participates to WP1 and WP2

Project Information

  • URL: Not available yet
  • Starting date: 2023
  • End date: 2028