Presentation by Arnaud Lefray in the Séminaire des Doctorants du LIP

Arnaud Lefray is a PhD in the area of security in Cloud computing. Since 2015, he has been developing a start-up named Qirinus with Inria which proposes secure and adapted Cloud solutions to clients.
He will talk about research valorisation and startup creation. How to find infos? What kind of help do we have access? What are the different steps to create our own companies? He has a piece of advise to share with us.
Inauguration de la Fédération

Inauguration de la Fédération

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Inauguration de la Fédération

Lieu: Grand Amphithéâtre de l’Université de Lyon. 90 rue Pasteur, Lyon 7ème

Retrouvez Avalon à l’inauguration de la Fédération Informatique de Lyon (FIL) qui aura lieu le mardi 24 janvier 2017 de 17h à 19h.



Durant l’inauguration, clin d’oeil à de nombreux projets dans lesquels Avalon s’implique: MILyon, Grid’5000,, Qirinus, MMI, …