Efficient Heuristics for the Placement of Large Scale Distributed Applications on Multiple Clouds

The Avalon working group will host a presentation by Pedro Silva on tuesday 4th of april, at 15h00 in amphi J. You are all welcome.

To deploy a distributed application on the cloud, cost, resource and communication constraints have to be considered to select the most suitable Virtual Machines (VMs), from private and public cloud providers. This process becomes very complex in large scale scenarios and, as this problem is NP-Hard, its automation must take scalability into consideration. In this talk I will present different heuristics able to calculate placements for distributed component-based applications on possibly multiple clouds with the objective of minimizing VM renting costs while satisfying different application constraints. We discuss the heuristics performances and determine their limitations by comparing them to other placement approaches, namely exact algorithms and meta-heuristics. We show that the proposed heuristics are able to compute good quality solutions much faster than them in the considered scenarios.