Combining Software Components and Task Graphs for Many-Cores Platforms: Application to the GYSELA code

The Avalon working group will host a presentation by Jerome Richard on tuesday 14th of march, at 14h00 in amphi J. You are all welcome.

This presentation presents a feasibility study of how to efficiently combining both a software component model and a task-based model. Task based models are known to enable efficient executions on recent HPC computing nodes while component models ease the separation of concerns of application and thus improve their modularity and adaptability. This paper describes a prototype version of the Comet programming model combining concepts of task-based and component models, and a preliminary version of the Comet runtime built on top of StarPU and L²C. Evaluations of the approach have been conducted on a real-world use-case analysis of a sub-part of the production application GYSELA. Results show that the approach is feasible and that it enables easy composition of independent software codes without introducing overheads.

Performance results are equivalent to those obtained with a plain OpenMP based implementation.