Avalon and DIET take part in official french delegation to establish industrial partnerships with India

Daniel Balouek-Thomert’s joint work with Mahindra Ecole Centrale (Hyderabad,India) has been valorized within the NUVEA industrial project, and will take part of the French presidential delegation to visit India on January 24-26th.

Granted by the Raman-Charpak Fellowship, Daniel Balouek-Thomert (Avalon,ENS Lyon / NewGeneration-SR) has visited Mahindra Ecole Centrale (Hyderabad, India) during 3 months (Oct-Dec 2015) to work with Dr. Arya K. Bhattacharya.

In a context of reducing the energy consumption of Clouds and large scale infrastructures while concurrently mitigating the environmental impact and maximizing the economic benefits, we proposed to synergize two state-of-the-art technologies by combining multi-objective evolutionary algorithms with trade-off mechanisms using the DIET Middleware.

Beyond a new collaboration between Mahindra Ecole Centrale and ENS Lyon, the outcome of the project brings an interface to express tradeoffs that allows end-users/customers to perform an efficient selection of resources with respect to a certain quality of service (mainly throughput of computing tasks) and energy consumption.

This research work has been valorized within an industrial project, NUVEA, which is mainly focused on eliminating sub-optimal states at available resources, and consolidating tasks/VMs in a way to optimize the overall power consumption while protecting the resulting SLA/QoS.

The NUVEA project, represented by NewGeneration-SR, is part of the official French presidential delegation headed by F.Hollande to visit India for India National Day on January 24-26th, 2016. This is a great testimony of our fruitful research collaboration, and a showcase to pave the way for an international development of this work.