Logo QirinusQirinus edits a software platform to bring an automatic solution to deploy a Cloudplatform with high-security support.

Qirinus brings a new preventive and overall solution to cyber security. Qirinus proposes to solve both digital transformation and security management issues at the same time. The software solution covers both the security of business applications, the complexity of the transition to the Cloud, and the compliance with IT security standards (NIST, PCI, ISO, …). The Qirinus Technology is the result of the scientific works from the Avalon Inria / ENS Lyon and a three-years collaboration with industry leaders (Alcatel Lucent / Nokia, Gemalto, Ikusi …).

The main goals of Qirinus are to

  • Reduce your risks and costs: With automation, minimize vulnerabilities and threats, and get 0% human errors. Remediation costs are limited and you keep control of your security.
  • Optimize your time and resources: With our evolutive management platform, accelerate your IT architecture deployment, and simplify your audits with a full visibility of your systems.

More information: www.qirinus.com

Two members of the AVALON team are Qirinus’s founding associates.