WG – Farah Ait Salaht: Deployment of services in Fog Computing


Title: Deployment of services in Fog Computing

Speaker: Farah Ait Salaht


Fog Computing, complementary to Cloud Computing, has recently emerged as a new paradigm that extends the computing infrastructure from the center to the edge of the network. Motivated by a rapidly increasing number of devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications at the extreme edge of the network that implies the need for timely and local processing, Fog Computing offers a promising solution to move computational capabilities closer to the end-devices. Deploying applications to Fog nodes in a QoS- and context-aware manner is a challenging task due to the heterogeneity and scale of Fog infrastructures.  This talk discusses what Fog is, provides an up-to-date review of service placement problem in such an environment (problem statement, problem formulation, optimization metrics, and optimization strategies), depict the variants of the problem and the current proposals coming from the research community.