Sonia Ben Mokhtar : Building Selfish-Resilient Distributed Systems

Title : Building Selfish-Resilient Distributed Systems

Speaker: Sonia Ben Mokhtar

Abstract: Collaborative systems (e.g., peer-to-peer instant messaging, file sharing, live streaming applications) generate among the largest amounts of traffic of today’s Internet. Common to all these systems is the assumption that, in return to the service offered by the collaborative system, users are willing to participate by sharing their resources with others. However, in practice, these systems suffer from selfish users that strategically free-ride the system whenever it is convenient for them. Albeit a number of solutions have been devised in the literature to deal with this problem, most of them are tailored to specific systems and thus lack flexibility and re-usability. During this seminar I will discuss methods for building selfish resilient distributed systems and future directions towards the automatic transformation of a given collaborative system into a system resilient to selfish behaviors.