A component-based model for the deployment of Cloud applications

We will have the pleasure to listen Dimitri Pertin (post-doc @ Ascola team, Nantes) on Tuesday 24th October, at Amphi J, 14h-15h, talking about:

“A component-based model for the deployment of Cloud applications”

Autonomous management systems are required to ensure the deployment and reconfiguration of Cloud applications on distributed infrastructures. Such applications are today based on a modular architecture, in which each module (or service) is in charge of an aspect of the application. Modular architectures bring the flexibility (e.g. module migration, scalability) required in Cloud computing. However, i) each module has its own deployment process; ii) modules are heavily coupled, and dependencies apply at different steps of their deployment. Express the application deployment process in such modular architecture is thus a complex task. To express both the modules to deploy (what), and their deployment process (how), a description language is necessary.

In this presentation, we list the expressiveness properties required by a description language for autonomous deployment systems, and we show how state-of-the-art solutions lack of expressiveness. We also provide a component-based model in which components rely on an extended version of Petri-nets. We then show how our model can be used to express the application deployment process, validating the expressiveness properties defined previously.