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The Avalon research team is a joint group between INRIA, CNRS, ENS Lyon, the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and the University of Lyon. The long term goal of the Avalon team is to contribute to the design of programming models supporting a lot of architecture kinds, to implement it by mastering the various algorithmic issues involved, and by studying the impact on application-level algorithms. Ideally, an application should be written once; the complexity is to determine the adequate level of abstraction to provide a simple programming model to the developer while enabling efficient execution on a wide range of architectures.

To achieve such a goal, the team plans to contribute at different level including distributed algorithms, programming models, deployment of services, services discovery, service composition and orchestration, large scale data management, etc. All our theoretical results are validated on software prototypes using applications from different fields of science such as bioinformatics, physics, cosmology, etc. Grid'5000 is our platform of choice for our experiments.

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