WG Hayri Acar: Software development methodology in a Green IT environment

2016-06-07 – Hayri Acar

Title: Software development methodology in a Green IT environment

Speaker: Hayri Acar

Abstract: Writing sustainable, power efficient and green software necessitates understanding the power consumption behavior of a computer program. One of the benefits is the fact that developers, by improving their source code implementations, can optimize power consumption of a software. Existing power consumption models need to be improved by taking into account more components susceptible to consume energy during runtime of an application. In this paper, we first present a detailed classification of previous works on power consumption modelization. Then, we introduce TEEC (Tool to Estimate Energy Consumption) model in order to estimate the power consumed by CPU, memory and disk due to the execution of an application at runtime. The main goal is to guide developers to improve their source code for optimizing energy consumption. TEEC enables determining the part of the code consuming the highest power. This will help to obtain a less energy consuming software with the same functionalities.

PPT: WG_160607_Presentation_ENS