Working Group : New year round table

h1. Hadrien
* Papier IPDPS → PDCO
** reject @ IPDPS
** rework + resubmission @ PDCO (deadline extended to 2017-01-31)
* Following work
** Now moving toward instance choice (homogeneous → heterogeneous)
** Thinking about cluster growth in this context
* Work w\ Ctrl-A
** Autonomic deployment of the meta-tasks produced by our clustering algorithm
* Results of the Byosil (m)eating day
** Discussion w\ Biologist on workflow deployment (description of what we do, how we can solve some of there issues, how they can provide us good usecases …) → meeting soon
* Mid-PhD (D2) evaluation
** 2017-02-10
* Also, moving forward with the PhD students website (project)
** Hope to get some PhD students motivated and actually do something

h1. David
* Back from school last week
* Last summer : backup network over VPN for grid5000 sites
* Setting up new grid5000 cluster in Lyon
* In a few months, maybe go to Chicago to make grid’5000 environment images compatible with a similar testbed called Chameleon

h1. Eddy
* Workflow
** Workflow’s work with Hadrien
*** Collaboration with Ctrl/A
** Resilience joint work with Aurelie
* Security
** Qirinus
** Post-doc Nokia ?
*** Projet Celtic
*** Gestion de ressources en Fog
*** Description d’Applications
** Finaliser les liens avec les DaaS
* Compas (Sophia Antipolis / Nice):
** Responsable de la track Parallélisme
* Assouplissement Contrat Doctoral
** Plus de facilités pour monter des collaborations et enrichir nos doctorants préférés. Me contacter.

h1. Christian Perez
* PaaSage over : so far, rate as ‘excellent’ by reviewers 🙂
* ELCI : no news
* Moebus: no news
* Discovery: post-doc started @ Ascola (With Helene) on deployment of multi-site OpenStack
* No news from Avalon Inria eval
* RA Avalon: done :>
** ALL publications in HAL (including deliverables)
** Software in BIL (
* Habilitation electrique ??
* InriaHub
* PostDoc MILYON
* New Master ?
* L3 ENSL student: 30 January:
* PhD CS
* Web site Avalon: please update it if needed.
* new SAB or SAG or SAL ? :>

h1. Thierry Gautier
* IPDPS paper with IFPEN: “please retry again”…
* Visitor: João Lima from UFSM (Brazil) : february 2017. Work on energy & runtime for HPC.

h1. Arnaud Lefray
* JESI Project (CELTIC+)
** Cloud security part.
** Participation opportunity to decide.
* Qirinus
** Creation planned before March.
** Heavily looking for Proof-of-concept partners.

h1. Mathieu Veyrand
* New engineer on team Qirinus since november
** Central Log Managment
** Fonctionnal Product

h1. Laurent Lefevre
* ICT4 Green : real effect ? (project with Ademe/ecoinfo)
* Journée 3/2 : eco conception logicielle (Grenoble) – 13/3 : small machines room (Paris)
* Visiteurs : Damian Fernandez Cerero , Piotr Borylo

h1. Jérôme Richard
* CCGrid paper, waiting for the review results (next week: 15/01)
* Plan to submit a paper to Cluster/SC
* Start the redaction of the manuscrit soon (few month)

h1. Jad Darrous
* State of the art on Geo-distributed cloud computing vs Fog/End computing
* State of the art on the management of Virtual Machine Images
* Working on VMIs managment in distributed cloud environment

h1. Alexandre Veith
* State of the art on Algorithms for Big Data Stream Analytics and Edge Analytics
** Multi-tenant environments for Big Data Analytics
** Migration of stateful and stateless process elements on Stream processing (Continuous Query)
** Containerization of process elemetns on Stream processing
* Evaluation of some tools such as Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, RabbitMQ, and iFogSim
* Ongoing papers and join works:
** Marcos and Laurent: elasticity in stream processing for Big Data
** Borylo: SDN-based and Cloud interplay for stream processing