Working Group : Round table

h1. Laurent : non présent car meeting ELCI chez Safran/Chateaufort

  • Equipe associée SUSTAM (Sustainable Ultra Scale compuTing, dAta and energy Management) entre Avalon et Rutgers University (Manish Parashar) acceptée et financée par Inria pour 3 ans. * Article soumis a Networking avec Radu/MArcos/Olivier, * Article presque soumis à IJHPCA avec Issam * Article CCGrid accepté avec Bull et Grenoble * Article Journal CCPE avec Daniel accepté pour publicaitonen 2017 (sur projet Nu@ge) Continue reading

Working Group : New year round table

h1. Hadrien
* Papier IPDPS → PDCO
** reject @ IPDPS
** rework + resubmission @ PDCO (deadline extended to 2017-01-31)
* Following work
** Now moving toward instance choice (homogeneous → heterogeneous)
** Thinking about cluster growth in this context
* Work w\ Ctrl-A
** Autonomic deployment of the meta-tasks produced by our clustering algorithm
* Results of the Byosil (m)eating day
** Discussion w\ Biologist on workflow deployment (description of what we do, how we can solve some of there issues, how they can provide us good usecases …) → meeting soon
* Mid-PhD (D2) evaluation
** 2017-02-10
* Also, moving forward with the PhD students website (project)
** Hope to get some PhD students motivated and actually do something

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